Our Mission Statement:
To raise the love vibration in the hearts of every person who obtains a Love-Rock.

We, at Love-Rocks, believe in the frequency of love. In every living being resides a measurable vibratory frequency such as a heartbeat. Even Mother Earth has a measurable heartbeat. And deep inside Mother Earth run veins of crystals, precious and semi-precious stones that carry a frequency unique to each stone. Watch makers knew this and incorporated rubies in the mechanism of the time piece as the 'electrical current' to keep it ticking.

We at Love-Rocks know the value of a balanced, joyful, open-hearted love vibration and therefore offer blessed and tuned fine jewelry, and healing crystals that radiate the signature frequency of each stone for the value of the one wearing it. When you wear and use a Love-Rock, you are not only elevating your own harmonic of love, but emanating that vibration for all whom you come into contact. Love-Rocks are tuned to the word LOVE in crystal quartz tuning bowls and rinsed in sacred blessed water for the most pure, loving vibration.

With an emphasis on craftsmanship, the meaning of stones and a raised love-vibration, Love-Rocks offers a variety of pieces in the collections including custom designs.

Simply put, we at Love-Rocks, believe in love and share our passion for frequency and the gifts of Mother Earth as wearable art.